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Is counselling for you?

Maybe something unexpected has happened - a one-off event, or maybe you’re struggling with a decision and need someone to talk it through with. Maybe you’ve always been worried or anxious, and decided that now is the time to take the first steps to dealing with the issue.

If you are feeling scared or confused and alone, if you are struggling to keep a sense of normality, if you are having difficulty managing your emotions, maybe talking to someone would help. Are you experiencing panic or anxiety? Do you feel lost, with no one to talk to, no one who seems to understand? Maybe you feel a sense of shame, or low self esteem?

If so, counselling might be able to help.

I work with adults and older teenagers who are experiencing difficulties in areas of their lives.

I will provide a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental, safe and confidential space for you to explore all parts of yourself without fear or judgement. At Chigwell Therapy Centre, you will experience a compassionate and safe space to allow you to explore different elements of your self and your concerns. I work with each client individually, to help them find the best way for them, personally.

I have experience around general counselling for depression and anxiety, and extended training and experience around drugs, alcohol and cross-cultural issues.

If you are unable to attend in person, I can also offer online counselling via Zoom

(or preferred platform) 

For a confidential chat or to make an appointment,

please call Katie on 07379 278 139.

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Therapy rooms in Buckhurst Hill, Essex and Central London

Online Therapy via Zoom 

07379 278 139

Fees: Central London: £75 per 50 minute session

Buckhurst Hill: £60 per 50 minute session

Online: £60 per 50 minute session