Cherry Tree Therapy Centre, Buckhurst Hill

Appointments are available on Monday and Tuesday evening, Wednesday and Thursday day and Sunday morning.
50-minute session, £60

Call 07379 278 139 to book
Online sessions available on Zoom, Whatsapp and phone

50-minute session, £60

Flexible timings including evenings & weekends 

Call 07379 278 139 to book
Single Session Therapy

80 minute session, £110

Available on zoom, telephone or in person, 
subject to availability

Call 07379 278 139 to book
Finsbury Square, Liverpool Street, EC2M
50-minute session, £75
Available Wednesday daytime. 
Call 07379 278 139 to book
Monthly "Introduction to Marketing" course: 1st
Friday of each month, 10-11.30am

90-minute course, limited to maximum 10
participants: £39

Call 07379 278 139 to book