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Low Cost Counselling Policy

Chigwell Therapy Centre

September 2022


Chigwell Therapy Centre offers low-cost, not for profit counselling. Individual sessions are £18.


This service is offered to key workers, 18+ students, people in receipt of benefits or on a low income. Sessions are carried out in person in our offices in Barkingside.


You will initially be offered up to 12 sessions, with reviews at sessions 3, 6 and 10. Further sessions may be offered based on requirements following the 12 sessions.


Payment: You should pay your therapist directly. Payment for sessions is required 48-hours in advance by bank transfer.


Cancellation policy: There is a 48-hour cancellation policy. Full payment will be required if 48 hours (2 working days) notice is not given.


If you miss two consecutive sessions, you may lose your eligibility to access low-cost counselling and you may be able to re-join the waiting list.


If you are unable to attend sessions regularly, or are struggling financially, please speak to your counsellor.


Low-cost sessions are offered by student counsellors. These volunteer counsellors are undertaking or have completed an accredited course and are fully supervised.


Clients will complete a referral session on the phone with a qualified counsellor to assess their suitability for therapy. They will have a GAD/PHQ score of 20 or under (subject to the centre director's discretion), and score 1 or below on Q9. Clients who score above this and are experiencing severe anxiety and depression are not appropriate for counselling provided by students. These clients will be referred to their GP and other local services.  


Your counsellor will be a member of the BACP and will operate within their ethical framework. All sessions are confidential, and confidentiality will only be breached under exceptional circumstances – if there is a risk of harm, or a disclosure of an illegal activity that requires statutory reporting such as money laundering or terrorism. Counsellors are fully supervised by a BACP or NCS registered supervisor, and by Chigwell Therapy Centre.

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