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Find counselling support for your employees at Chigwell Therapy Centre

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Chigwell Therapy Centre Employee Assistance Programme (EAP):


Your employees are your company's most valuable asset. It's vitally important to create a healthy atmosphere and provide them with the tools and support to do their jobs effectively, to enable them to stay focused, and interact with stakeholders, colleagues, clients and customers effectively.  


As we slowly emerge from this global pandemic and adapt to the new normal, we are facing a crisis of mental health in the workplace.


Employees have experienced redundancy, the increasing cost of childcare, family pressures made worse because of Covid and now the financial pressures from the cost of living crisis. Health anxiety and relationship pressures have increased and issues that were hidden before have begun to emerge. 

You can help build a happier, healthier workforce with a flexible therapy plan from Chigwell Therapy Centre. 

How it works: We agree a contribution level towards the cost of therapy that suits your employees and budget, as well as a number of sessions. Your employee can book the sessions at their convenience and they pay the balance for their sessions. Typically, the cost of a session is £75 and employers might choose to contribute around £50, based on an agreed number of sessions (6-12+).


All client information is confidential and will not be shared with the employer.


Please call to talk about how Chigwell Therapy Centre can support your business  on 07379 278139 or email



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